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We're going all the way baby! Career Spark was just selected as a finalist in the Unleash 2018 Start Up competition. We're heading to Amsterdam to compete for the title - October 22-23. Hope to see you there!

You know it. We know it. IT'S TIME FOR A REAL SOLUTION.


How's that status quo working out for you?

Start making better people decisions. Everyday.

A bold claim, but we can back it up.

Don't accept failure.

Expect all of your teams to be dream teams.

Take the guesswork out of people decisions. Predict success, know why your best people outperform and then easily replicate each outperformer across every line of your business. Fast.



5,000 companies and 1.5 million people have joined us on our journey so far and that number is growing every day.

Transforming the Human Resources world through Success-Based Matching.

Success-based Matching technology leverages science and objective data to help leaders understand what is driving success so they can use that information for:

Career Path & Development

Gain clarity on which growth opportunities in your company are most aligned with each of your employees' potential. Set up your people for success throughout their entire employee lifecycle.

Internal Mobility

Clearly and objectively identify who within your organization has the potential to be a top performing future manager or leader so you will know with certainty who to promote and into which role.

Predicting Hiring Success

Predict which of your candidates has highest potential to succeed in a particular role, based on advanced science and the data. No more guesswork, just educated, informed hiring decisions.

Build and Manage Diverse Teams

Our system intelligently converts data into insights for superior feedback, coaching, and development – to help you get the most from your team.

Save Time

Our fully-automated, science + data-driven platform eliminates HR inefficiencies, decreases time spent finding the right people for a role and will streamline your entire hiring and career pathing process.

Save $$$

Avoid the costliness of bad hires and reduce your turnover rates by successfully placing your people in their right roles - resulting in happier, more fulfilled employees, and more profitable organization for you.

Predicting Hiring Success

Optimizing Career Pathing & Development

Uncovering Leadership Potential

Saving time

Saving money

Building and Managing Diverse Teams

Just to be clear.

If this sounds like something you're already doing, trust us. You're not.

Here are a few of our customers who also weren't doing this. But now are.

About Us

You aren't using the right information to make the best possible decisions about your people. It's really just that simple. We created Career Spark so you can stop guessing and start knowing.

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mission statement

Getting everyone into their right job - to drive success at work.

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Details, details... that's our wheelhouse!

So how does our platform really work?

Career Spark is a self-serve, predictive, success-based matching platform that leverages science and data analytics to match the right people with the right jobs.

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