About Career Spark

Jamie Schneiderman - CEO & Founder

The Backstory

Our mission is simple: get the right people into their right jobs, to drive success at work.

It all began when I realized I hated work… Despite a career that included working with some of the best-known companies in the world, I found work mainly frustrating and unfulfilling.  It turns out I wasn’t alone. After several discussions with others it became clear to me that this feeling was not just a “me” thing, but a widespread problem affecting most people and businesses around the world.  It made me think “if so many people are unhappy in their jobs, where is the disconnect and why isn’t something being done to fix it?”

I set off on a journey to understand ‘why’ and to also find the right, exciting career for me. I tried to reimagine and explore new ways to view the relationship between people and work.  First, I saw a shocking level of apathy in the market – acceptance that we can’t do better – which I considered ridiculous. I met with experts who were using different pieces of information to help improve work happiness and performance, and it was really powerful stuff!  But it was also all over the place and needed expertise to deliver – so the information was being wasted. It was then that I had my ‘aha’ moment – my “spark” if you like – why couldn’t someone combine all this information together and make it available to everyone and for every job so that the right people could be matched in their right role and organization to radically improve the way organizations and people came together! The more I looked into this approach, the more I was shocked that literally no one was already offering this solution to businesses. Of course, the HR world has been undeniably and infuriatingly slow to evolve and adapt to a rapidly shifting workforce, but I knew this revolutionary solution would fill the most critical gaps facing employees and businesses today. It was just a matter of bringing these concepts to life in a clear and easy way that would have the best leaders jumping at the chance to use these insights to improve their work-force decisions.

And so, I found the right career for me. Together with an incredibly passionate and talented team of people, we developed the Career Spark platform to do success-based matching for people and businesses everywhere.  This revolutionary predictive analytics platform uses both science and data to successfully match people with the jobs that they will thrive in and helps business leaders to build high performing, more productive teams (of much happier people) in a clear, easy and scalable way.

Today, we are proud that nearly 5,000 companies and 1.5 million people have already joined us to help match the right people with the right jobs. If you’re fed up with the status quo and are ready to drive better people results with a modern solution that actually works – keep scrolling because this is for you.

The Career Spark Difference

Ground breaking technology designed to drive your successful workforce.

As a business, you already have a mountain of data on what your employees or job candidates have done, through resumes, work experience, and company statistics.  You even know who your best employees are, but do you why they are so successful in their role?  Don’t you wish you just had a way to easily replicate them across your business without all the guesswork?

Well, you’re in luck, my friend.  Enter Career Spark.  We have a predictive success-based matching platform so unique and so impressive, it’s going to blow your socks off.  Here’s the 6 o’clock news on what this bad boy can do:

Profile all or any of your teams and give you an exact benchmark profile of your best employees so you can easily replicate them across your business and across all of your roles

Predict how successfully a current employee or a new candidate will fit and perform in a specific role

Tell me more!
And it’s all done instantaneously.

All you'll have to do is just sit back and get the clear, easy, and accurate people answers you can act on.

Easy, accurate and actionable people answers in an instant.

Getting everyone into their right job - to drive success at work.

The Secret Sauce

How does Career Spark actually do this?

Our crazy smart team of computer nerds have come up with a mind blowing intelligent predictive analytics algorithm, that takes accurate, scientifically derived data (from experience, education and qualifications) and combines it with advanced behavioral science to determine exactly which variables will drive superior performance in a role.

This sounds pretty complicated... I don't have time for complicated.

Yes the process is definitely complex, super complex actually, but let’s just leave that to our nerds shall we?  You need an easy and clear solution without all the mumbo-jumbo and we totally get that.  The Career Spark platform instantaneously breaks down all the advanced calculations and results into a formula that calculates success which generates an easy-to-understand rating system called “The Spark Score”.

So how are you guys different?

The problem is that the term “job matching” is terribly overused and, in fact, most matching solutions out there aren’t very effective. Our approach and results are different because the Spark Score can actually provide you with the “secret sauce”  behind what exactly is making your own top performers successful in their roles. Just think about that… a tangible formula and rating based on real science that you can use to in essence actually replicate job success.  The Spark Score will open up a whole world of opportunity for your business by not only helping you hire the right people in the first place, but also helping you to set up your employees for success by ensuring that they are properly matched with the specific roles that they have the most potential to thrive in.

Ok so what's the bottom line?

We could go on and on with all the ways the Spark Score is going to transform the way you do business but let’s be real, you’ve got places to go, people to see so we’re gonna give it to you straight:  no more guesswork, a focused and streamlined hiring process, MEGA dollars saved on lower turnover rates, happier employees, and a consistently high performing workforce.  Sound like something your company could use?   Just point us in the direction of your top performers and we will do the rest.


Easy to Use

Our platform is user-friendly, and intuitive so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to easily use it.

Proven Accuracy

We've helped over 5000+ companies build high performing teams.

Self Serve

Freedom to access the people information you need anytime, anywhere.

Lightning Fast

Your time is valuable, so we designed our platform as the most powerful tool on the market, and the fastest!
Don't just cross your fingers hoping your people decisions will pan out...

Start using the Spark Score to get the people answers you can act on.