Give your employees a clear view of their career path



Empower your employees to take control of their careers



Place the right people in the right jobs


Talent Acquisition

Take the guesswork out of your people decisions

Empower your Employees to Take Control of their Own Careers.

Career Spark is a revolutionary career pathing and employee engagement solution that is easy to implement and use, self-serve, and your employees can access and use it right from their mobile devices.

Predictive Career Pathing & Employee Engagement

Identify Career Pathing, Internal Mobility & Growth Opportunities

Increase and Retain Top Performers

Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

Accelerate Employee-Centric Learning and Development

Increase Diversity & Inclusion

Improve Talent Acquisition Decisions

If this sounds like something you're already doing, trust us. You're not.

Here are a just few of our recent customers.

If this sounds like something you're already doing, trust us. You're not.

Here are a just few of our recent customers.

About Us

Everyone agrees that employee career-pathing and career development are critical, but too often the task of completely overhauling and implementing new career-path and development strategies feels daunting, complicated and like a constant up-hill battle. We’ve done it, so you don’t have to.

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mission statement

Get the right people into the right jobs - to drive success at work.

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So how does Career Spark really work?

Career Spark is a People Intelligence Platform that leverages science and data analytics to help deliver Predictive Talent Mobility.

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Career-Pathing and Employee Engagement


See how Career Spark can transform your organization



Number of hours saved by using Career Spark.


Annual company savings by using Career Spark.

Incremental Employees Retained

Number of current employees that your company was able to retain by using Career Spark.

Additional Top Performing Employees

Increase in the number of top performing, current employees.

We also have tools for employees, candidates and everyone else wondering what's next in their career.

Start transforming your company today.

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