Case Studies


A Health Care Organization


The healthcare company was struggling to find the right people for their organization that had the required credentials and qualifications, but more importantly also had the right character traits to provide the highest level of care and compassion to their patients.


Their original strategy was to hire based on just experience or to recruit recent graduates and hoped they would be a good fit.  With that strategy, they were able to find and hire the people with the correct credentials but met frustration when many of their hires ended up demonstrating that they did not possess all the vital character traits needed to provide premium patient care. (ie. Stress tolerance, compassion, good bedside manner)


We partnered with the healthcare organization to build custom success profiles of the people they felt had both the right credentials and who also a good fit for the company, and for the patients.  All hiring decisions going forward were based on who most closely matched the success profile, and they did not continue to waste time and efforts meeting with anyone who did not meet a baseline standard in service and consideration for others This not only brought in the right candidates that were most likely to succeed but, also provided a focused, simple method that streamlined their whole hiring process from beginning to end.


The healthcare organization reported that within 1 year of implementing Career Spark into their process that the number of high performing, “right fit” employees had spiked from 48% of their employees to 70% of their employees.

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Before Career Spark

  • Top 2 Quartile Performance %
  • Bottom 2 Quartile Performance %

After Career Spark

  • Top 2 Performance Quartiles
  • Bottom 2 Performance Quartiles
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